Building a business with meaning and purpose is a journey.

We help our clients discover where they are along the journey and provide them with the tools to get to the next step.

A training centre for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

BizAcademi is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and lifelong learners who specialize in working with other entrepreneurs in the start-up and early growth stages of business. BizAcademi participants gain the tools necessary to build a strong foundation for their business and learn how to implement successful business strategies. 

Knowledge & Passion

BizAcademi’s facilitators and coaches have between 5 and 25 years of operation experience and a great combination of skills and practical experience; they understand the common pain points in business and know how to overcome them because they have lived through them.

Our Mission

BizAcademi aims to motivate, inspire, and empower entrepreneurs to do things they never thought possible, to better their lives, and to contribute positively to the communities in which they work and live. We provide quality programs that are focused, interactive, and multidisciplinary, preparing our participants for all aspects of business while encouraging business growth. BizAcademi serves clients locally, nationally, and internationally by offering online courses, in-class learning opportunities and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Our courses create stronger entrepreneurs.

Business Development

We believe that when a business is built on a good foundation it is positioned for growth. Our courses provide in-depth information on the essential aspects of business development and operation.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is an integral part of business development and operation – you can’t have one without the other. Our courses and programs help our clients discover their own potential and learn how to build a successful business.