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Where Business Development & Personal Growth Strategies Combine

Meet Lana

Lana has a passion for learning and personal growth. BizAcademi was created to revolutionize how business owners build a business that creates meaning, fulfilment, and freedom. As a result, creativity, commitment, connection, vision, compassion, and certainty radiates, empowers, and penetrates the entrepreneurial spirit of all she is honoured to guide.‚Äč

Meet Linda

Linda is a passionate educator, a highly sought-after business coach and a Certified Management Consultant. Prior to launching her own company, Linda spent 11 years as a Senior Administrator for non-profit corporations, managing teams that ranged from 5 to 32 people, and has provided consulting services since 1990. Facilitating since 1999, she has offered specialized training in the field of entrepreneurship, to which she brings both theoretical and first-hand knowledge.

A Training Centre for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs

BizAcademi lies at the intersection of two very important aspects of business: that of the development of the business itself and the growth of the individual(s) behind it. As such, our courses integrate important business development tools and strategies with activities and skills that foster lifelong learning and personal growth. We offer a combination of online and in-class training courses, email and mini-courses, eBooks, and one-on-one and group coaching.


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