a little about us

Build a business with meaning and purpose.

Our Why

Linda and Lana saw a need to build a community for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and learn. BizAcademi provides aspiring business owners and solopreneurs with valuable insights and resources to support their growth and success.

Building Better Businesses

We are a collective of amazing individuals who strive to build better businesses. Our coaches and instructors have years of experience as successful business owners. Our partners work with us to provide the entire package to support our unique and diverse clients. Our team provides high-quality content, advice, and resources that are rooted in knowledge and are tried and true methods, or new and innovative. Meet our coaches, instructors, and partners.

Lana Sheppard

Entrepreneur + Owner

I believe business is about balance. Whether it’s balancing your books or remembering to take time to breathe, I help my clients maximize their success in business and life. We work together to identify your unique strengths, abilities, passions, and values so you can live your best life while running your business.

I believe every great business needs a plan. From start-up to growth and all the way to exit strategies, I support my clients during all phases of planning their business. We work together to develop your business plan for new ventures, to explore new opportunities with market research, or focus on strategic planning for your established business.

Linda Prafke


I believe we can always learn from our mistakes. By understanding our products and our markets, I support my clients to avoid common, and often very costly and damaging, mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when starting or growing their businesses. I teach my experience with product development and marketing and how to make quality business decisions to grow your product lines and reach.

I believe in the experience. Sleek design and functionality are at the core of how I work with my clients to build a custom website to attract the right people and showcase their business. I design websites and teach on the importance of having a visual brand to successfully communicate what you have to offer to your customers. 

An integrative approach to business and personal development.

Step outside of the norm with us. Entrepreneurship is comprised of two halves: the business, and the person behind it. Together, they are whole; when one falters, so does the other. We believe that to become a successful entrepreneur, both sides of the equation need to be nurtured. BizAcademi’s community, courses, and coaching provides you with the confidence and resources to balance, plan, avoid mistakes, and experience your life as a business owner.