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As entrepreneurs, we know that building a business is hard. Doing so without the right answers, a support system, or some semblance of a work-life balance is even harder. That’s why we created this community – to give fellow entrepreneurs a place that they can go to for insight, solutions, and guidance.

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We created a community where entrepreneurs from all over the world can increase their knowledge base on a variety of topics, share their thoughts and experiences, take online courses, and improve their skillset under the guidance of our BizAcademi team.

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In our community, everyone brings something valuable to the table. Meet and connect with others in your industry, talk to an expert, share experiences and personal progress, and offer your own advice to other entrepreneurs seeking guidance. 

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We’ve combined the membership and online learning experience and brought the best of both worlds together. Now, you can interact with other community members who are also taking the course and celebrate breakthroughs with new-found friends!

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As a member of our community, you have access to a wide variety of digital content that helps you advance your personal and professional development

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We created a place for entrepreneurs to share ideas and experiences that can serve as inspiration for themselves and others.

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Every week, we post affirmations and thought-provoking questions that serve as motivators to support your journey.

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Everyone has something to bring to the table. As a member, you are a valuable part of the peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge. Your interactions with and support of others makes for stronger, more confident entrepreneurs all around. Win-win!

What Others Are Saying

BizAcademi has been an amazing resource to our business. From writing our business plan to providing hours of instruction on Quickbooks and financial literacy, they have been helping our new business every step of the way.

We cannot say enough about Lana Sheppard, there are no words to describe how much she has helped us. She has so much knowledge, and was able to share that knowledge to get us to the point where we are self-sufficient in our bookkeeping and are able to make good business decisions by better understanding the financials of our business.

I would highly recommend BizAcademi for any business, they are amazing!!

Sherri Rogers

Online Courses

In an entrepreneur's world, time can be scarce. All of our online courses can be completed at your own pace. Enrol in as many as you want - new things await!

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We publish high-quality, thought-provoking posts and long-copy articles so you can learn something new every day.

Deep Thinking

Our community facilitates deep thinking by embracing a learning mindset, applying out-of-the-box ideas to time-tested strategies, and pushing ourselves to use what we've learned to help us grow.

International Network

The BizAcademi community platform is a great place to connect with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The coaching I received from both Linda Prafke and Lana Sheppard have helped me change my ways, achieve my goals, see my dreams come true and have success! I encourage anyone who thought like I did to change their thinking with the guidance from BizAcademi and make your dreams come true too! Thank you BizAcademi! I wish you incredible and continued success for years to come!
I thought I knew how to write a business plan, until I started working with Linda. She has opened my eyes to so many more possibilities and taught me how to stay focused on developing my idea. She clarified the process for me, and has increased my knowledge of the business planning process, and has offered so many alternatives and great advice to implement into my business idea. I feel confident after I meet with her that she is guiding me in the right direction and I am excited and proud of the business plan I am developing.
Deidra Aitken

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Top-Quality Articles

You won't have to sift through hundreds of posts to read what you want - we've organized the most helpful information into topics to make learning a breeze.

5 Things Successful
Leaders Do

Are leaders made of something special?

Successful leaders take charge, can navigate difficult situations with relative ease, and seem to connect with others in a way that most people cannot.

What Are
Goal Obstacles?

Goals are supposed to help keep us focused, right?

The truth is that goal setting, the very thing that keeps entrepreneurs focused, can, in fact, do the very opposite.

5 Reasons
Businesses Fail

If you own a business, you know that it takes a lot of hard work, time, and discipline to make it run even relatively smoothly. 

It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget about how even the smallest misstep can permanently damage your business.

29 Core Company Values

Employees and owners alike are brought onto the same page when they are both aware of a company’s values and clear on how they are expected to uphold them.

We’ve compiled a list of twenty-nine different core values that companies hold.

Keep Customers
Coming Back

Customers are the reason that any business exists. They purchase products, use services, and collectively generate the profit that is needed to keep a business afloat or, if you’re lucky, turn a little bit of a profit.

We’ve gathered some quick customer service tips to impress new customers and keep them coming back.

Content Planning for
Social Media

In today’s world, content is king.

There is a common expectation among businesses that they must create and spread content in order to gain customers and boost sales, but not everyone capitalizes on the opportunities that social media provides.  

Entrepreneurs, lifelong learners, dreamers:

We’ve created a community that based on collaboration, growth, and support. We may come from different backgrounds and have unique life experiences, but we are united in our goal: to become a better version of ourselves and build a successful business. 


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