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Linda is a passionate educator, a highly sought-after business coach and a Certified Management Consultant.

Customer service tips to keep them coming back.

Without customers, your business wouldn’t be what it is today.

Customers are the reason that any business exists. They purchase products, use services, and collectively generate the profit that is needed to keep a business afloat or, if you’re lucky, turn a little bit of a profit.

We’ve gathered some quick customer service tips to impress new customers and keep them coming back.


Anticipate customer needs

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you likely have a mental list of Frequently Asked Questions or common concerns that come up during your interactions with customers. Take the time to come up with detailed answers to each common question/concern, and learn to recognize when a customer needs to hear one of those answers before they ask.


Delight them with simple gestures

Unexpected actions delight customers and make them feel as important as they truly are. For example, think about how great it feels to be offered a fresh glass of water or a cup of coffee or freshly-steeped tea upon entering a store. This simple gesture goes a long way.


Be consistent

Individual conversations with your customers should be customized to fit their unique needs, but the manner in which you interact with them should be identical across all channels. For example, if you normally air on the side of professionalism with your in-store customers, you should not reply to a company Facebook message with, “What’s up?”


Do something different

How can you provide a unique experience to your customers to make visiting your store/website/social media page that much better? For example, coffee shops with free book shares (often known as “Take a Book, Leave a Book”) can enhance a customer’s overall experience in the coffee shop by providing them with something to read while they’re there and allowing them to connect with and contribute to the community through the sharing of their own books. In time, they may even return to the coffee shop to get a new book, and purchase a coffee to go along with it.


Thank your customers

And be sincere about it. Without customers, your company wouldn’t be what it is today – or it might not exist at all. 


Under-utilized customer service tip: Ask for feedback

Your business should always be looking to improve itself, to grow and to change – it is this type of fluidity that will help it remain open as the years go by. Ask your customers for reviews, and take what they say to heart.

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