Lana Sheppard


My own personal journey began in 2006 when I founded my own company, Checks n Balances Business Service, leading me on a path full of triumphs and mistakes, ups and downs, and allowing me to meet and work with over 1300 entrepreneurs initially in the capacity of a bookkeeper. Since then I have had the honor of working with entrepreneurs as a business coach and consultant, providing them with the information and solutions they need to overcome their own challenges. 

My clients often cite my positive attitude, high energy level, and ability to help them clearly identify their goals as some of the most valuable contributions I have made to their pursuit of their dreams. I combine my ability as a creative problem solver with my passion of helping clients develop and execute their strategy for achieving success.
Nothing makes me happier than when I see my clients achieve their own "lightbulb" moments. Working closely with you as your coach, I am here to support you as you make changes in your life of business through proven methods, strategies, and ideas that will move you towards your vision and in the direction of your dreams.

Lana's Courses

Dollars + $ense


Having a good grasp of your company’s finances is important. Truly understanding what money does for the business saves time and money in the long run from costly mistakes made along the way.



Navigate the complex waters of team management and develop your skillset, strengths, and sense of self as a leader.

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