As entrepreneurs, we see the value in lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence. However, we also know that achieving a work:life balance is, more often than not, a struggle. That’s why we created this membership site. We are passionate about creating a better life for entrepreneurs who feel stressed, overwhelmed, unfocused, or are just plain stuck.

As a Member, You get:

The idea is quite simple: we provide a continuous stream of quality content that will help you get more focused, run a more efficient business, and reduce your stress, while also challenging you to listen to and learn something new about the person behind the business – you. As a member, you have full access to our available resources and receive discounts on any paid material, such as ebooks and courses.

Connect & Collaborate

We believe that the peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and support of others makes for stronger, more confident entrepreneurs. This membership site is based on connection and collaboration, where the sharing of advice is just as important as the sharing of personal progress, and where everyone has something of value to bring to the table. Entrepreneurs in all stages of business have lived experiences that are learning opportunities for all.

Members are able to meet and interact with other entrepreneurs the world over. Do you need help on a project? Feel free to ask the community for advice, feedback, or assistance. Ask questions, find entrepreneurs in the same industry, talk to an expert, and offer your own advice to other entrepreneurs seeking guidance. Take part in one of our online networking events – you never know who you might meet!


Do you ever wish you could spend only a few minutes with an experienced business coach to ask a quick question about your business?

Every entrepreneur finds themselves looking for answers, but they do not always have the opportunity to ask them. Our monthly “Ask Me Anything” sessions (AMAs) provide that opportunity, and allow entrepreneurs to ask their most important questions and get straightforward answers. These members-only sessions are of great value due to the number and variety of questions; you will walk away from the session a more informed entrepreneur, and your business will benefit.

The monthly AMAs provide an advantage to those who would otherwise be unable to find answers to even the most common questions in business due to time restraints or a lack of financial resources. Simply enter into the online meeting, ask your question, get your answer, and continue on with your day (or stick around to learn something new!).

Do we really have all of the answers?
No, of course not. However, we guarantee that we will either answer each question personally or give you a direct referral to another expert who can.

The Slack Workspace


As a BizAcademi member you will have access to our Workspace, and can use the various “channels” to meet people from all over the world, ask deep questions, share great ideas, collaborate on projects. The networking possibilities are endless; use this platform to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world.

BizAcademi’s Workspace is a great place to:

  • network at an international level
  • interact with BizAcademi coaches
  • ask a burning question
  • offer your expertise
  • create a job posting
  • exchange information
  • brainstorm
  • collaborate
  • learn about upcoming courses and promotions

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