Exceptional Entrepreneur

An interdisciplinary program that focuses on the important aspects of business and the individual behind it.

Get connected to your passion.

Create a solid foundation for your business and set yourself up for continued success.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your great business idea, and it’s starting to take shape. However, you feel as though you are lacking some of the essential skills that would really help get your business off of the ground.

You’ve been working hard to achieve your goal of running a successful business, and have invested not only your time but your financial resources to help it along. You feel as though you’re stuck in the same place and can’t figure out how to create forward motion for your business.

You want to capitalize on opportunities and allow your business to grow into what you know it can be.

You’d like to ask questions from experienced professionals to ensure that your business is being managed in the most efficient way possible. You want to learn effective strategies that support successful business development over a shorter period of time. You want to be able to identify unnecessary expenses and eliminate them, saving time, money, and undue stress. You want to utilise your newfound knowledge to make informed decisions and quickly adapt to situations.

We’ve created a specialized program, just for you.

This program has been designed with the entrepreneur in mind. In addition to taking you, the aspiring entrepreneur, through the most important aspects of business ownership and operations, our 12-week program focuses on the person behind the business. We teach strategies on business management alongside tested strategies for overcoming mental roadblocks that may be keeping you and your business from being the best they can be.

Course Objectives


  • Understand the foundation of good business management
  • Become more financially literate
  • Create your own Strategic Plan
  • Learn key marketing strategies


  • Access the power within you
  • Visualize your personal and professional success
  • Overcome physical and emotional roadblocks
  • Implement tested strategies that will help you live the life that you’ve always imagined

Online Course Modules

All course modules and material is available online, and can be accessed anytime. Enjoy lifetime access to the course and complete it at your own pace.



We'll meet with you to set the foundation for the course and review each module.



Coaching calls are a great way to apply what you've learned to your own unique business situation.



This content-rich program requires hard work and dedication. Trust us, the result is worth the effort.



Email support to make sure you're getting the most out of the material.


Make the most of your financial data. Understand what your statements are telling you, and how to use them to run a more efficient business.


Learn how to effectively plan, coordinate, and direct the administrative functions of your company.


Key marketing strategies and best practices to attract new customers and how to keep them coming back.


Focus on growing the person behind the business into a stronger, more competent, more fulfilled individual.


Detailed information on strategic planning and how to set the stage for successful business operation and continued growth.